I have to write this, because there are many of us who don’t seem to understand anything other than to speak of federation; others who are so anxious to go and negotiate a federation that had it not been for the hesitation of Republique, they would already be waiting in Yaoundé for the supposed dialogue. But the reality is that they have never given a thought to what they are asking for. I want every Southern Cameroonian to read this document and understand that a federation with Republique du Cameroun would be a giant prison into which we are voluntarily putting ourselves. We must never, never talk of federation, but complete and sovereign independence!

First, the Southern Cameroons must gain its sovereign independence, and then and only then will it decide, in its own interest, what kind of relations to have with its neighbours, be it Nigeria, Republique du Cameroun or Equatorial Guinea. Surprisingly, I tell you that we will have one of the best relations with the tyrannical Republique du Cameroun, because once the separation happens, the atmosphere would become much healthier and fulfilling to both peoples.

Now, let me explain to us all, why we must outs the word “federation” from our thoughts and speech.

1. The first and foremost reason never to talk of federation is that the Southern Cameroons is a completely separate territory from Republique du Cameroun, with its own international treaties and international boundaries, planted with pillars. It has never been a legal part of Republique du Cameroun and will never be. We claim our right to sovereign independence by the same tokens by which Republique du Cameroun claims its own.

There is absolutely no reason on earth for us to diminish or reduce this right to one of subordinating ourselves to alien rule. Some may be impatient and that is why they are talking of federation. But you have seen that we cannot be in this prison forever and that we are firmly on the way to breaking that prison in which Republique has quarantined us for over half a century. Therefore be patient and enjoy the freedom of our fatherland, the Southern Cameroons; the true freedom of a free people, and not eternal suffering under alien rule.

2. Before you talk of federation, always remember that we have been in an imposed two-state federation before. In every federation you will not only have the federated states but also the federal parliament and federal government. In that federal parliament and federal government, Southern Cameroonians would be a minority forever; they would have no voice; their own opinion would never count and once more, Republique du Cameroun would be in control of our lives! This is exactly what happened with your two-state federation that existed from 1961 until 1972. If we are ever to have a breathing space, we must have complete control over our education, our legal system, our culture, land tenure, our language and resources. Can you have that in any federation? You say yes, but sorry for you. We simply cannot. Go to Canada and find out why the people of Quebec have tried three good times to exit the federation.

3. In any federation, their citizens would have equal rights with us within the Southern Cameroons. Once more, through their population they will outnumber us in every class room; before you buy one plot, they have bought 20. How would you ever have a breathing space in a federation with Republique du Cameroun? They will use their numbers to outnumber you everywhere. Even if you say English is the official language, their numbers would make French unavoidable. In Canada, even with French as the official language in Quebec, it is English you hear everywhere. It got to the point where the Quebec government had to pass a bill famously called Bill 101, which gave the Quebec government the power to pull down any signboard

that was only in English. But that has not helped. Is that what you want to fight like this and reduce yourselves to?

4. If you want to know what has worked, look back in human history. Those who talk without referring to history, are living in a fool’s paradise. They are talking from the top of their heads, from their immediate circumstances, which don’t determine anything. There is nothing new in history; all is governed by natural law. Only examples from history teach us what will work and what will not work. Now, have you seen any workable federation between two independent territories that ever worked? Gambia tried it with Senegal , it never worked; Libya tried it with Egypt it never worked; Ethiopia tried it with Eritrea it never worked. Show us where it has ever worked! Therefore those who are talking of federation are making the biggest mistake of their lives. IT WILL NEVER WORK, PERIOD!

5. Imagine all the fighting for our freedom; all our children they have killed, raped, tortured, destroyed. Do you want to fight like this and at the end chain yourselves and hand over to Republique du Cameroun in a federation? Then what would have been the use of all the fighting? Let someone tell me.

6. We are able to resist Republique today only because we never gave our consent; because they have illegally violated our boundaries and entered our territory; because there is no union. The world can sympathise with us because they know that we have been annexed and colonised. If today by this dangerous talk about federation you ever allow it to happen, then you have sealed your fate forever. We would have passed a death sentence on ourselves. Why? Because you will be completely unable to have any grounds before the world to say you want to separate. Some people have the fantastic idea that federation can be the first step to separation. But my friends, a federation would give the federal government, controlled by Republique, the right to invade your state any time you do not toe their line! You will then have to be dissolved in their system in the way they want to do now!

7. We are dealing with the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant and insensitive people in this world. The herculean question is this: suppose they agree to everything we ask. How are you going to ensure that they respect their agreements? By what means or magic shall we safeguard any agreement we reach with them? Let those who are talking of federation tell us! These are people who believe that they are ordained by their own god to be gods over us; to decide our fate on this earth; to never leave us alone. Just tell me how they will ever respect any agreement reached with them. We must never, never accept any formula in which we share the same house with them.

8. La Republique du Cameroun is today claiming the existence of a pretended union between Republique du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons. So why is it refusing the Southern Cameroons to talk like the other partner in the claimed union? It wants us to talk as individuals, but not as the other partner to its claimed union. Secondly, what are the terms of the claimed union? It is all lies, deceit, fraud, falsehood, theft. Do you know that Republique du Cameroun actually voted against union with the Southern Cameroons in Resolution 1608(XV) of 21 April 1961? Do you know that? Why? Because they wanted to annex our territory and not to join with us. It is in fact a mystery to them that we should even be talking of joining ourselves to people who from the outset refused to join with us. That is part of the reason why they continue to say that we are the ones forcing ourselves on them. Some of us continually call on a certain so-called “government” to solve this or that problem; to resolve the so-called Anglophone problem. These are the things that give them comfort that we are still looking up to them! We continually act as if we cannot exist without them. My friends, it is time to forget Republique completely; to determine our own path and go our separate ways.

9. La Republique enacted law No. 24/61 to annex our territory even while we were still a UN Trust territory. That law purported to create a Federation with Southern Cameroons come 1st October, 1961. Law No. 24/61 was passed as an amendment of LRC’s Constitution that was passed by its Territorial Assembly on 21st February 1960. Strangely, this law purported to create a Federation with the UN trust territory of Southern Cameroons on 1st October 1961, without participation of the British Government which held a trust colonial mandate over the UN trust territory of Southern

Cameroons. It is thus patently obvious that Law No. 24/61 was to annex the territory of Southern Cameroons which had never been and will never be a part of the territory of LRC, and that law was timed to take effect with the termination of the British trust mandate over Southern Cameroons. Once more you see that the so-called federation was an imposition, because it was never voted upon by our Assembly or by any authority in Southern Cameroons.

10. Now, answer these practical questions compiled from various concerned groups:

1) Why has there never been a southern Cameroonian as Director of SONARA?

2) Why was the West Cameroon Marketing Board closed down?

3) Why was the Cameroon Bank Closed down?

4) Why was the Yoke Electricity power Station closed down?

5) Why was the Santa Coffee Estate Destroyed?

6) Why is money being transported from Bamenda to Bafoussam at the close of every business day?

7) Why is money being transported from Victoria to Douala at the close of every business day?

8) Why does SONARA pay royalties to the Douala city council rather than to the Victoria city council?

9) Why do some employees of some companies in Bamenda have to travel to Bafoussam every month for their pay?

10) Why was the Victoria Deep Sea Port project abandoned?

11) Why is revenue from The Southern Cameroons being used to recoup the Douala sea port when there is an excellent deep sea port in Victoria ready for use?

12) Why is there a new sea port being promoted in Kribi and not in Victoria?

13) Why was the Tiko International Airport closed down?

14) Why was the Bali Airport closed down?

15) Why was the Bamenda Airport closed down?

16) Why is there no road linking the Southern Cameroons internally between Buea and Bamenda?

17) Why is there no road linking Mamfe and Kumba?

18) When did there link Mamfe and Bamenda?

19) Why does the ring road exist only on paper?

20) Who currently owns Ndu Tea, and Why?

21) Who currently owns Tole Tea, and why?

22) What percentage of the revenue of The Cameroons comes from The Southern Cameroons?

23) What percentage of the revenue in #22 is used for the development of Southern Cameroons?

24) Why are all the Reservoirs of Petroleum products in Douala, Yaounde, Baffoussam and in Garoua while there is none on Southern Cameroons Soil, when production is based in Victoria and why was the name of this city changed from Victoria to Limbe?

25) Why are petroleum products in the Southern Cameroons imported from Douala, while the refinery is in Victoria of Southern Cameroons?

26) Why are petroleum products transported by tankers from Victoria Refinery to Douala for storage?

27 Why was the Southern Cameroons not given the third option in the 1960s of gaining independence without necessarily joining either Nigeria or la Republique du Cameroon?

28 Why did the United Kingdom leave the Southern Cameroons without a Military Force to defend its territory?

29 What happened to the so called Federal Republic of Cameroon?

30 Why was The Southern Cameroons split into North West and South West Provinces & What Percentage of the List remains valid after 5 years?

© Contribution Of : By Shey Alfred And Approved By: Foreign Affairs Department Of Ambazonia Governing Council.


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